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Available on the App Store℠ for iPhone® and iPod touch®

Requires OS v3.1 or higher

Triplitz Features

Diagonal matches are cool but what's under the hood?

jewel size difference
jewel size difference

We know it's possible to spend a lot of time playing Triplitz! To help you design your game the way you like to play it, Triplitz includes a host of features and configuration settings. All setting combinations are saved along with the current game state to allow you to accept phone calls, change background music or swap apps without losing your score and position.

• Triplitz has 2 difficulty levels based on your jewel size selection. The larger jewels are stacked into a 5 column grid while the smaller jewel option spans across 7 columns. Playing the game with the larger size raises the difficulty level as there's much less grid space for lazy random moves. Each triplet drop needs to be carefully considered with attention to the next triplet preview available in the upper left corner.

• Triplitz can be played in either puzzle mode or classic arcade mode. Puzzle mode retains new triplets at the top of the grid waiting for you to adjust them into the best drop position. This mode gives you the best opportunity to strategically develop your jewel stack and create complex, high score clusters. Arcade mode features traditional auto-dropping as each triplet immediately begins moving itself. Arcade mode requires fast reflexes, quick instinct and even some luck to keep the grid free; the game doesn't wait for you! You can also accelerate an auto-dropped triplet by swiping downwards to hurry things along in a timed game.

• Triplitz supports multiple timed modes and an endless play mode. Compete against yourself and better your previous score in 1, 5, 10 or 20 minute game sessions. In timed mode the pressure is on as the game counts down and flashes warnings during your last 10 seconds. Untimed mode counts upwards to show you how long you've been playing and, when combined with puzzle mode, provides a truly endless and relaxing game experience.

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• Triplitz will automatically adjust its game view depending on how you're holding your iPhone or iPod touch. You can play the game sideways in left or right abacus-mode and even upside-down in bubble-mode! If you become lost, remember the green jewels always point upwards! Most players are comfortable with the traditional drop-mode view but the other views are always available for you to try and experiment with.

• Triplitz has 2 sequencing modes that allows a completely random set of triplets to appear or a fixed 'locked' sequence that repeats the same each time you play the game. The fixed sequence allows fair comparison of one player's performance with another's without claim of 'better' triplet sequences; they're both playing on the same level playing ground! Learning the fixed sequence allows you to predict the upcoming triplet order even before it's previewed and manoeuvre the jewel stack towards monster cluster combinations.

• Triplitz won't end as soon as the grid becomes full! Excess triplet jewels are removed from the top of the grid with each move. If a triplet is dropped onto a full column it is considered a 'dead triplet' and removed with a warning sound and the loss of a 'grid-life'. You receive 10 grid-lives (displayed in yellow) at the start of each game which allows you to continue playing even if the grid becomes completely filled. You earn extra grid-lives each time you reach a 3rd level cascade or higher during a match cycle. With fewer matching possibilities in the large sized version, you are compensated with higher points when you do create matches and begin earning extra grid-lives sooner after only your second-level match cascade.

player list
score history

• Triplitz maintains a database of all players, their personal top 5 scores and a high-score list from which the current player can be selected. The game begins with 3 default players and a guest and these can be personalised with your own name and up to 7 other players. There is a separate high-score list for each timed mode available and each can be viewed by pressing the time label at the bottom of the player page. At the end of each timed game your score will pulse if it's a personal best and pressing it will reveal if you've been lifted in the overall rankings.

• Triplitz has various animation options available to indicate matches and others to clear the matched jewels from the grid. For timed games your selection can be critical as certain combinations are faster than others. The fastest combination is a 'fast' match with a 'vanish' clearance. If you prefer some visual feedback for your fast matches select the 'flash' match with a 'shrink' or 'fade' clearance option.