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Available on the App Store℠ for iPhone® and iPod touch®

Requires iOS v5.0 or higher

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Listen to your photos!

It happens with PhotoGoss

Available for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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With PhotoGoss you can quickly and easily add live sound and voice-overs to your photos. PhotoGoss records your voice and background sounds as you tap the preview screen to take photos. PhotoGoss then synchronises the timing of the photos with the sound and bundles everything together into a single small mp4 file.

• PhotoGoss allows spontaneous creativity with simple pause-editing to create a photo sequence timed to match your voice commentary and sound track. PhotoGoss begins recording sound automatically as you take your first photo and streamlines your communication. A few taps and you are publishing your photos and spoken words to the world at (almost) the speed of thought. No complex video editing needed - just simply tap, talk and export!

• No more need to type long text explanations of your photos - let your talking do the walking! The photos are joined together with their own sound track to record your messages, commentary, thoughts, ideas and the sounds of life. Use the standard single-photo mode to insure the smallest file size or switch to multi-photo mode when you want to capture more images in a single sound recording session. In multi-photo mode, PhotoGoss sequences your photos to match the timing of your sound track and creates a single, small .mp4 file that can be quickly emailed, uploaded to your wall or exported to your camera roll.